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Private Lessons


Private Dog Training Lessons

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  • Effective training in your own environment or at our training center
  • Teach your dog manners
  • Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come & more
  • Teach the whole family the techniques
  • Customized packages to fit your needs
  • Problem solving behavior issues

Private training lessons are a great way bond with your dog and break the communication barrier between dog and human. We teach you how to train your dog manners and obedience commands effectively in your own home, back yard, neighborhood or at our training center. Sessions are fully customizable to your goals with your dogs. We work with all the members of the family.

Yucaipa, Redlands, dog training, obedience class, dog socializationOne of the main focuses is teaching you the leadership walk. We teach you how to make walking your dog fun and rewarding, by not only physically exercising your dog, but mentally stimulating your dog as well. By incorporating obedience like sit, down, stay and come with walking at a heel, your dog will be happy, fulfilled and tired.

We address: jumping on people, barking at guests, running out the front door or jumping on furniture. Also crate training, potty training, puppy training, socialization, introducing a new dog into the home.

We would love to help you develop a lasting relationship with your dogs. Happy fulfilled dogs with a purpose make happy dog owners.

Training sessions are offered in your home or at our training center. We service Yucaipa, Calimesa, Redlands, Mentone, Highland, Loma Linda, Cherry Valley, Beaumont and Banning. 

One Hour In-Home Private Lesson: $120

One Hour Private Sessions at the Training Center: $75

Click here to Purchase a Package of 3 for $275

Dog MUST be at least 16 weeks old, if younger check out our Puppy Training!

Farm Dog Training and Socialization

Click here to Purchase a Package of 3 for $275


  • Teach your livestock guardian dog(s) how to properly bond and live among livestock.
  • Teach your herding dog(s) how to move livestock with fetching or driving them around the ranch and become helpful instead of a nuisance.
  • Instinct tests for herding dogs, and temperament tests for livestock guardians.

Chris specializes in having dogs interact with other animals like goats, sheep, chickens, cats, and horses…

If you’re having trouble with your dog getting along with your farm animals, Chris can help you work on behaviors like chasing, biting, or attacking animals on your ranch.

He also has many years as a shepherd working sheep and goats with herding dogs.

Also has trained many livestock guardian dogs and owned his own Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees’s and successfully bonded his livestock dogs with his animals to protect.

If you want to train a herding dog or a livestock guardian dog Chris specializes in these areas with 7+ years of experience on his farm in cherry valley.​ 

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