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Testimonials for Enlighten Dogs
Gail Selinger & Her Dog Kahlua

We adopted a 1 ½ year old high energy Pit Bull/ Boxer mix who had been neglected, but in good health.  She had no interaction with other dogs her entire life, and what little interaction she had with people was mostly negative. She had a great spirit, but a stubborn streak a mile wide, and no boundaries with other dogs or people.

In a matter of weeks Chris taught her how to behave, and taught us how to communicate with her.  Where she used to jump on us and bite as a form of play, and chew up everything that wasn’t concrete, she is learning to be calm and listen to commands.  She is now a joy to be around.

Chris combines his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise, along with his natural ability of understanding dogs, in his training of you, the owner, and your dog.  With each lesson, Chris easily demonstrates his heartfelt desire to give you and your dog a happier life together.  He teaches you how to communicate and be consistent so there is no more frustration and anti-social behavior between you and your dog.

– You are the best!
Gail Selinger, Erik Berliner & Kahlua.


Enlighten Dogs Trained and Socialized Ema the Ridgeback
Ema and Kanzu on the 4th of July

Ema is a 7 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She came to her  ‘forever home’ with me after 4 homes in her first 1.5 years.  She had been seriously neglected and had significant health problems.  I have had several Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and consider myself to be an experienced behaviorist with good dog training skills.  My 4 year old male RR, Kanzu is an AKC Champion with many performance titles including obedience titles.  So, I know how to train a dog.  But Ema is different!  Whether her problems were due to her early neglect and lack of early socialization or the result of genetics and health issues, she has always had serious behavioral issues.  (For more about Ema’s story visit her webpage) http://www.africantreasurerr.com/?page_id=505

While Ema is loving and gentle with me and other humans, she has always been highly  dominant with other dogs and can be unpredictable and aggressive.  To complicate the picture, Ema is  exceedingly protective of me and Kanzu.  Taking Ema out in public where she might encounter other dogs became traumatic and dangerous.  As I became more nervous because of some of our bad experiences and my fear increased, of course, Ema became more protective and aggressive and the cycle perpetuated itself and became more severe.   I compete with Kanzu almost every weekend and I was chronically feeling more and more guilt and sadness that Ema could not join us because of her behavior and thus was left at home alone for many hours.  And, as expected, because she was alone so much, new behavior issues began to arise and her health declined.  What a horrible cycle of events!

Dog training with Ema includes obedience and socialization with other dogs
Ema(right) is now a Happy Camper!

Then I saw a flyer for Enlighten Dogs.  I had tried several ‘dog trainers’ and ‘behaviorists’ without any success.  I was immediately drawn to Chris’ emphasis on positive dog training and his understanding of pack behavior.  Chris began walking Ema first alone and then with other dogs.  After just a few days with Chris she was a member of a pack.   Ema now has K-9 friends she meets with weekly and I think her favorite days of the week are now the days I take Kanzu and she gets time with her favorite person in the world, Chris and the pack.  Ema changed dramatically within a few sessions with Chris.  I can now walk her alone without concerns.  She is more settled and content and her health has improved. I am incredibly grateful to Chris for improving Ema’s quality of life.

Sincerest Thanks

-Linda D’Antonio