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Board & Train Packages

Board and Train Packages

We specialize working with dogs with major behavior issues like aggression and fear. Our board and train program works with everything from puppies that just need manners to owners out town and want their dogs practicing foundation commands. Got a new dog ? Want start out with good foundation EnlightenDogs Board Train program is great start for all dogs. We also can work on behavior issues and manners. Each program includes a 5 week follow up class or 3 day training lessons to follow up with owners after board train program. Regular updates via text and email are sent to owners weekly with dogs progress.


  • behavior dogs not social with people or other animals
  • long vacation and you want your dog trained while your gone
  • safe environment with enrichment for your dog to learn and thrive.
  • working with fearful and aggressive dog to adjust their behavior
  • new dog or puppy want to start off on good foundation

PRICING for Packages

  • 10 day stay board and train $995
  • 2 weeks stay board and train $1550
  • 3 week stay board and train $1950
  • 4 week stay board and train $2500
  • 6 week stay board and train $3500
  • Package includes 4 week group class or 3 day training lessons to transfer commands and behaviors to owner.

EnlightenDogs Office: 951-846-0902 to sign up today space is limited. We only board train a couple dogs at a time.

Enlighten Dogs and their team of trainers have successfully board and trained many dogs with very challenging behavior and obedience issues please reach out to us. We want to help keep your dog in your home and keep your home safe with your dog, and set you off on the right track with a foundation of commands.

We create an environment like your home for the dog to learn its commands and manners. Each dog is an individual and a training plan is catered to that dogs individual needs.

Enlighten Dogs has four different trainers that specialize in different areas and will work with each dog to get optimum results. The dog is trained my multiple trainers male and female so your dog generalizes their commands with all people.

The dog is trained at Enlighten Dog Center and Enlighten Ranch and stays the night at Chris Ashtons Ranch in Cherry Valley and during the day will go to Enlighten Dog Training Center to be trained by our other skilled trainers. We also bring the board train dogs out to parks, Petco, Home Depot, and Tractor Supply to practice/proof commands and behaviors around distractions.

Our goal is that your dog gets a lot of hands on training daily and can do the commands with multiple people. We specialize in working with hard dogs with a variety of behavior and manner issues. CALL us now 951-846-0902 set up an appointment.

For Success, follow up is key part. Included in the board and train package is a 5 week group class to complete. This allows Enlighten Dog Trainers to teach the owners the skills and techniques to follow up with the training. A 1 hour private lesson is given when the owners on the day they pick up their dog. If owners can’t participate in group class a follow private lesson will be scheduled with owner.

Past Board Train client videos. Check out video of a 3 week board train: Thanos one of more challenging board and trains Big Great Dane came to us with no manners. At end of board train he is walking nice on leash, respecting rules and boundaries in the home. In this video you will see the owners son walking him calmly in their neighborhood. This would of been impossible when Thanos was dropped off to EnlightenDogs for his 3 week board train.

Below is a video of doggy daycare dogs and board and train dogs working on self control with the PLACE command.


Below is video of Enlighten Dog kids working with board and trains at Enlighten Dogs Training Center.


Ari 3 week board train started off lunging and snapping at dogs now able to be in play yard with multiple dogs.