Board & Train Packages

Board Train Packages

Our board and train program works with puppy that just need manners. Along with, tackling behavior issues with dogs and everything in between.

  • new puppy foundational skills
  • behavior dogs not social with people or other animals
  • long vacation and you want your dog trained while your gone
  • safe fun environment for your dog to learn and thrive.
  • working with fearful and aggressive dog to adjust their behavior

PRICING for Packages

  • 10 day stay board and train $700
  • 2 weeks stay board and train $850
  • 3 week stay board and train $1200
  • ForBehavior Modification board and trainings pricing subject to change depending on that dogs demands and needs.

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CONTACT CHRIS ASHTON head trainer and behavioralist at 951-846-0902 for free 30min evaluation to be in our board train program. We only board train a couple dogs at a time so space is limited please call to set reservation.

Enlighten Dogs and their crew of trainers have successfully board and trained many dogs with very challenging behavior and obedience issues please reach out to us. We want to help keep your dog in your home and keep your home safe with your dog.

We create an  environment like your home for the dog to learn its commands and manners. Each dog is an individual and a training plan is catered to that dogs individual needs.

Enlighten Dogs has four different trainers that specialize in different areas and will work with each dog to get optimum results. The dog is trained my multiple trainers male and female so your dog generalizes their commands with all people not just Chris ;).

The dog is trained at Enlighten Ranch and stays there at night, Chris Ashtons Ranch and during the day will some times go to Enlighten Dog Training Center to be trained by our other wonderful trainers. So your dog gets a lot of hands on training daily and can do the commands with multiple people. We specialize in working with hard dogs with a variety of behavior and manner issues. CALL us now set up an appointment.

Working with fearful and aggressive dogs

BOARD and TRAIN a new PUPPY on the basics