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Training Services

Group Classes

Level 1: Basic Obedience Dog Training

  • Teach your dog Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Come & Leave it
  • Loose leash walking/no-pulling
  • Teach your self control & manners
  • Learn & practice leadership skills
  • Learn how to read your dog’s body language
  • Practice new skills through fun exercises and games
  • Great for puppies ages 4 months to adult

Level 2: Intermediate Obedience Dog Training

  • Reinforce commands learned in the Level 1 Class
  • Learn & practice new commands
  • Long Line Training of Stay & Come
  • Introduction to Nosework
  • Learn & practice fun tricks
  • Therapy Dog Training and Desensitization
  • Field trip to public place to practice commands and manners
  • Practice new skills through fun exercises and games at the next level

Level 3: Advanced Training

  • Advanced level commands
  • Foundational for all working dogs
  • Practice high level distractions
  • three field trips to public places

Level 3: Nosework For Fun

  • Take the “Find it” Game taught in the Level 2: Intermediate Class to the next level
  • Work your dog’s mind
  • Give your dog a job
  • Teach your dog to find people, kids and objects

Level 1: Reactive Dog Class

  • Reduce or eliminate barking at dogs or people
  • Learn to read your dogs body language
  • Discover your dogs triggers and how to manage them
  • Build their confidence around dogs and people
  • Great for dogs 6 months to adult

Private Lessons

  • Effective training in your own environment or at our training center
  • Teach your dog manners
  • Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come & more
  • Teach the whole family the techniques
  • Customized packages to fit your needs
  • working with aggressive and fearful dogs

One Hour In-Home Private Lesson

45 Minute Private Sessions at the Training Center

Farm Dog Training and Socialization

Board & Train Packages

We also train working dogs. Chris our head trainer has many years experience working with therapy dogs and service dogs. Enlighten Dogs evaluates and certifies therapy dogs through Love on a Leash LLC.

Service dog training we set the foundation with owner through private and group classes or our board and train programs. We then guide you through process of getting your dog certified through what ever county you live in.

Doggy Daycare and variety of different workshops are also provided at Enlighten Dog Training Center.

Chris from Enlighten Dog certified owners and pet professionals in PetTech pet CPR and FirstAid for dogs and cats. Good info for any pet owner to know through a fun interactive workshop taught at dog center or we can come to your location and teach.

Therapy Dog Training and Therapy dog visits

Sheep Herding Dogs and Farm Dog Training

Agility Dogs

Training working dogs for protection and police in Video below