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Dog Training In Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont

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Positive Reinforcement & Natural Instinctual Techniques

We specialize in assisting families in training their dog to have manners and obedience. We work with newly adopted dogs and old dogs and everything in between. Have a new puppy?? We have puppy packages and classes at our dog center. All breeds welcome !! Enlighten dogs as many years working with aggressive and fearful dogs. Dog training and Behavior Modification offered. FULFILL YOUR BREEDS NEEDS!

Dog Training Classes

New Beginner Obedience Classes held weekly at our Yucaipa and Cherry Valley location.

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Private Training

We teach you how to train your dog manners and commands effectively in your own home, back yard and neighborhood.
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Day Training

Weekly dog exercising, training and socializing for your four legged pal. Most behavior problems stem from a lack of mental stimulation.

Dog Training In Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont

Train With Us Anywhere (In English)

Get Expert Help Training Your Dog or Puppy Anywhere


Enlighten Dogs has been offering virtual, private dog & puppy training online via Zoom and Skype or via video chat on FaceTime since 2017. Get an experienced, virtual dog trainer to help you train your dog or puppy from the safety of home!

Our Dog Trainers Offer Proven Methods For Solving

Problem Dog Behaviors

Positive Dog Training In The Inland Empire


If you’ve been searching for the fastest, most effective way to train your dog or puppy in the Inland Empire area, then look no further! Our proven, game-based system was developed by a world champion dog trainer and represents the most progressive approach to positive reinforcement dog training available today.

6, 12, & 24 Week Dog Training Programs

Our dog training programs will show you how to communicate effectively with your dog while teaching them essential life skills.

Choose From a Variety of Training Modules

Dog training is an on-going process that can enrich your life with your dog. Our programs deepen both your and your dog’s understanding in layers.
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Ideal for Puppies, Adult Dogs & Rescue Dogs

Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or a rescue dog with behavioral issues, we can help you with every aspect of dog and puppy training.