Enlighten dogs has on going mentorships that you can enroll in and go at your own pace. We have them starting every other month as group or you can start individually. $500 for 30+ hours of training with Enlighten Dogs this is a very cheap rate in will be increasing in future so sign up now while you still can at this cost!! Chris & Linda with enlighten dogs are both therapy dog evaluators and ABC mentors (Animal Behavior College). So you get a wide range of experience from our trainers teaching you.

Want to be a dog trainer or learn more about dog training and gain more skills. Enlighten dogs is offering a mentor ship where you will learn all the fundamentals of dog training and behavior modification.

This is a 30+ hour mentorship for $500. This mentorship will include how to teach a group class how to run a private lesson. How to problem solve dog behaviors.

Students will participate in our group classes with a dog from Enlighten Dogs or a personal dog that will expand their skill set and teach them dog training commands.

They will also learn dog psychology with all sorts of different breeds. Very interactive hands-on mentor ship.

Each student will leave with a certificate of achievement from Enlighten Dog Training Center. There are four workshops each mentee will participate in.

The mentorship will also include a workshop in Pet CPR and First Aid through PET TECH where u will get a certificate for these skills. Along with defensive dog handling workshop, meet greet workshop, behavior modification workshop and dog psychology workshops.

We have multiple trainers that will give you their insight and share their skills. Students will leave with enough knowledge to start their own dog train business or expand their dog training knowledge.

Each mentorship is catered to that student and what they would like to focus on for example search and rescue, therapy dogs, behavior dogs, agility dogs, and much more.

Please reach out to enlighten dogs at 951-846-0902 for more information. This event at Enlighten Dogs training center will be the first step to the mentor ship.

We are taking a maximum of five students so sign up soon !! We will have a two hour introduction to dog psychology and dog training along with a break down of what will be involved in the mentorship. On Nov 10th is mentorship orientation. This also could lead into a job working at Enlighten Dogs or other dog training training opportunities.

In this mentorship you learn from multiple Enlighten Dog trainers. So lots of insight and experience. Call is now to save your spot.

Here is some testimonials from recent Enlighten Dog Mentees

From Jackie Dog owner and Dog trainer in training
“I wanted to start by expressing how knowledgeable this mentor program was for me. Being a pet owner and absolute animal Lover I was Interested in this course not knowing what to really expect, in the 30 hours of training (I actually ended up logging more hours than promised huge bonus ) I feel confident on all basic obedience, potty training, loose leash walking, pet safety(even got pet CPR certified) aggressive dog handling, how to properly introduce dogs, and behavior problems. I had multiple opportunities to shadow trainers and see real life situations from working with puppies and teaching basic obedience to older pets with behavior problems ,and everything in between. Even worked with my personal dog in training classes offered by Chris. I also had opportunities to be hands on In different situations and actually felt confident working, training, and giving advise to other pet owners. This program is highly recommended.”

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