Enlighten Dogs is excited to announce a workshop in August on 17-18th that will be presented by K9 Intuition.

This will be a two day interactive workshop going from 9AM to 3PM each day with a hour lunch from 12 to 1 PM. We will have 8 working spots where owners can bring their dog daily for the weekend 9-3pm to get hands-on training. We also will have 12 observation spots where dog owners can come observe the workshop ask questions and gain knowledge to become a better leader and work on challenging issues with their dogs at home.

Pricing will be $120 for the two day working dog spot where you will bring your dog daily. You will get lots of hands-on training and gain the skills to work through reactivity on leash and different behavior issues. Observation spot for two days will be $60 per person. Sign up at EnlightenDogs.com
Any questions feel free to call 951-846-0902. #DogTraining#K9Intuition #EnlightenDogs #DogBehavior #DogLeaderShip#Dogworkshop